Boukou délire

Take care of you

A simple sentence that tells everything !

I was wondering if that one day I’ll tell you that without any regret or frustration. So i decided to put down these words in order to always remember that nothing lasts forever !!
I opened the book, i write a line, two but nothing changes. I’m still the same creep guy with the same complexes and feeling the same sorrow. Life’s complicated !

Suddenly, I noticed her beautiful smile. A simple and magic one! I forget everything and I found myself breathing differently ! What a feeling !

I’m driving, and it’s raining cats and dogs outside ! for a few seconds my sorrow has vanished and complitely disappeared. The innocent smile took me directly to heaven and abolished all my bad feelings.

Like a miracle, i found myself thinking about our last conversations. Those short conversations that keep us thinking that we still communicate ! Quite the opposite, in fact. We are making efforts but no one is really convinced that’s the right way to do it !

I stopped my car asking myself, what all that stand for ? I’m so curious, and i want to understand that smile. But, as expected, it disappeared letting me with no answer ! No surprises !
Good night!

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  • Dreamgirl

    Sometimes life just mesmerizes us with unexpedcted smiles, random glanses and incredible encounters.. some of them, emphasize a moment, others just touch you to the core and turn your life upside down…
    I saw your eyes and caught your smile and I felt the blues in my heart have departed and hope have grown instead…..
    I would like to thank you…

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